Beautiful Fountains in the Parks and Gardens

Beautiful Fountains in the Parks and Gardens 4.0

It's a nice screensaver, but it doesn't have anything new to offer
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Beautiful Fountains in Parks and Gardens is one of many screensavers you can find in the Internet. This screensaver allows you to relax enjoying beautiful scenes and listening to the sounds of pouring water and birds singing. It also provides you with the clock showing your the current time.

The screensaver is really nice but I can't say it has anything making it different from others out there. The quality of scenes it offers is limited to three, the fountains on the pictures are nice but do not represent anything extraordinary. Also you will see flying sparrows and butterflies, though, as for me, they are too different from the graphics of the scenes. By the way, you are allowed to adjust the quality of sparrows (from 0 to10) and butterflies (from 0 to 6). Also, you can choose whether you want to view a certain scene or all of them, choose the resolution of pictures from the offered meanings, as well as color depth. The sound effects and the clock can be turned off. Well, obviously, that is all you are offered.

Despite the great number of various screensavers out there the developers do not provide it for free. You are allowed either to register on the site and download all their products for the whole year (registration costs $23.99) or buy the full version of the screensaver. Or you can simply download and try out its free version, the only limitation of which is that you are allowed to view the first scene only.

Andrew Do
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  • Nice sound effects
  • Beautiful scenes


  • Not free
  • No background music
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